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RV 2017 Clinician Bios

Fraser Valley Mounted Combat – Archery  

with Robert Borsos and Stephanie Laversin

Stephanie Laversin-Kirby
NCCP Level I English Coach
Tech. Breeding and Training of Sport Horses (FR)
Higher Tech. Farm Analysis and Management (FR)
SL Equine Services
www.slequine .ca

Having enjoyed a lifetime's experience with horses in top quality stables, Stephanie began riding and taking lessons at the age of three. At the age of six, she began riding with (Olympian) Leslie Reid. Stephanie moved to France in 1992 and began working with show jumpers in a private barn. This led to working with a problem mare that re-ignited her passion for working with troubled horses. She entered the Department of Agriculture programs soon after and enrolled in a technical degree in the breeding and training of sport horses at the AFASEC de Gros Bois in Boissy St. Léger from which she graduated top of her class in 1996.

Through this program, Stephanie apprenticed for two years at the "Haras d'Estruval" in the Pas de Calais. Estruval is an elite breeding operation of AQPS Steeple chasers and sport horses owned by M. LeGentil. This 3rd generation breeding operation produced well known horses such as: Guinness Cup winner, Granit d'Estruval; Olympic eventer, Debat d'Estruval and big money race horses such as Or Noir AC, Sabre d'Estruval and Enjeu d'Estruval.

After graduating as a higher technician in Farm Analysis and Management in 1997, Ms. Laversin worked for Alexandre de Wazière as Assistant Trainer at the "Centre Equestre de Calonne Ricouart," The facilities boast 300+ members, national teams in Horse-Ball and Vaulting as well as top show jumpers. Teaching lessons to school groups and adults, Stephanie was also in charge of the exercise and training of the school string as well as all the young horses at the facility.

In 1998, Stephanie received an offer to develop a riding program in Yellowknife at North Country Stables where she continued her professional development and became a certified coach in 1999. Stephanie helped grow NCS from 7 horses and ten students to an impressive height of seventy students and eighteen full stalls. Stephanie's proudest achievements are past students from Yellowknife that have gone on to become professionals in horse industry either as coaches or trainers.

Moving to Alberta in 2003 to start SL Equine, Stephanie specialized in young and/ or problem horses. After spending several summers as working student for Leslie Reid, Stephanie got her first horse, a mare named Alberta’s Famous Rose (Ditto) in late 2008. Leslie helped them move to BC 2009. Ditto proved to be lame and unable to train at a higher level. She is now a trail/ children’s horse. Stephanie continues to work with horses and their owners, something which brings her much joy. She now also has lesson horses available. She recently had her first lesson with Leslie on her new horse, Neapolitano Sonota, a young Lipizzan.

In 2013 Stephanie discovered the world of mounted combat, a discipline that uses all of her skills in the saddle both as a trainer and a rider. She began training with Academie Duello and Robert Borsos, both leaders in their fields. Steph is honored to teach much of the riding for Academie Duello program.

In 2014 she created Fraser Valley Mounted Combat (FVMC) in order to bring training opportunities closer to home. In 2016 she received her certificate from Academie Duello as a Level 1 Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Instructor in 16th Century Italian Rapier and 14th Century Italian Longsword.  A Jousting Fundamentals clinic is also in the works for this spring or fall! Steph hopes to have year  round  Mounted Combat  school  operating full time in Langley in the near future.

Robert Borsos

Joined Kassai horseback archery world cup in 2003.  Organized the first Canadian horseback archery competition in 2005. We continue to do this in three locations, Mount Currie B.C. Edgewater B.C. and Hamilton Montana.  In 2006 all the requirements where met to join Kassai School as a Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club.  In 2014 our team joined the Korean Word Horseback Archery Federation and represented Canada in the first " Martian Art Olympics" in 2016 in Seoul Korea.  We are currently putting a team together for 2018 " Nomad Olympics" in Kyrgyzstan.  Our 5 minutes Hollywood fame are:

- Csillagosvenyen DVD’s ( On solar path) I,II,III, Hungary
- Terry Jones-- Barbarians “The end of the world” BBC
- Discovery HD, Weapons of war M5,” Mongolian Bow”
- Spike TV, Deadliest Warrior, “Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the great”
- “The Cupcake girls” Season 3 Episode 331
- Lill Rod Films, “Vagtass velem” 28th & 29th episode 
- Lill Road Films, Kassai Lajos "The Horseback Archer"

Andonia Reynolds and Equine First Aid Training

 Windy Acres Horsemanship Lessons
CHA instructor/Equi-Health Canada Instructor
Golden B.C. 

Andonia Reynolds

My parents held camps, clinics and trained horses from our home. I literally was on a horse before I could walk. At the age of 11 I had the opportunity to wrangle and guide in “Willmore Wilderness Park” with my Godfather.  I spent the next eight summers learning the trade till he had passed away after which I guided a few trips of my own.

Later I moved to Edmonton and spent 3 years working as a laborer for a race barn, a summer wrangling in Wyoming and then as a supervisor and night security position for Whitemud Equine Learning Center. While there I learned how to ride and school horses in the English discipline and gained enough hours and experience to major in Western Horsemanship at Olds College.  After College, I completed my instructor certification with CHA and opened my own equine business - offering riding lessons, training, camps and clinics. At this same time I was working in Fairview AB for Swartzy Performance Horses.  Through the last 20 years I have experienced horse illness and disease, injuries -minor and severe, and losing horses. I learned how to deal with lacerations, punctures, colic, heaves, casting and more.

Living now in beautiful Golden, British Columbia I have completed my instructor training in Equine First Aid with Equi-Health Canada and been holding Equine First Aid training at various communities throughout B.C.  The ability to know how to perform first aid on horses has always been a necessity and it is my pleasure to assist others to be prepared for an emergency. As we all know it’s not a matter of “IF” but a matter of “WHEN”.

Sam Sunderland and Training Trail Horses

Sam has spent a big part of his life traveling the country working with horses.  As a horse trainer, farrier, and working cowboy he has been able to apply his approach to horses in many different scenarios.  His approach teaches people how a horse processes thought and by doing so learn, how to take advantage of this knowledge to achieve a desired outcome. Rather than endless techniques or drills, Sunderland's clinic focuses on the understanding of horse psychology and how you can apply it to what you already know, in and out of the arena.

Sam Sunderland

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