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Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia

Trails Grant

 At the October 2012 Fall Board of Directors Meeting, the Back Country Horsemen of BC decided to set up a Grant for trails and access projects across BC that registered BCHBC Chapters could apply to.  Available funds will be allocated to projects at the Selection Committee's discretion.  

See bottom of this page or go to "Resources/Downloads" Tab to download forms. 


  • Recognized Chapters whose members are all in good standing with BCHBC
  • Projects for trails and trailheads using this grant as seed money. 


  • Trail construction or renovation
  • Trail rehabilitation
  • Trail Head construction, repair and improvement
  • Trail infrastructure ( ie. bridging, puncheon, turnpikes, information kiosks)
  • Trail and trailhead signage
  • Mapping of Trails and production



  • Material costs of upgrading, building, repairing or renovating trails and trail heads
  • Cost of purchasing signage
  • Equipment rental for upgrading, building, repairing or renovating trails and trail heads
  • Permits and licensing fees
  • Assessment fees (ie. Environmental or cultural)



  • Cost incurred prior to project application
  • Costs incurred after project completion date
  • Costs of developing project proposal
  • Cost of purchasing land or real estate and associated fees
  • Previously incurred debts, financing charges or interest payments on loans
  • On-going leasing of land, buildings and other facilities
  • Cost of any goods or services which are received as donations or in kind
  • PST, GST for which the applicant is eligible for a rebate and/or any other costs eligible for rebates
  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Travel costs for project coordinators
  • Any other costs not directly associated with the process and completion of the submitted project
  • Projects that cross privately owned land and have no formal agreement or are short term


Other Deciding Criteria - the BCHBC Trail Grant Section Committee may use some of the following criteria to choose between eligible projects:

   Projects may be selected based on the importance of the project to BCHBC members and their local community
   Projects may be selected based on the number of BCHBC members and other equestrians it will serve or impact
   Projects may be selected based on their health, environmental, conservation and/or cultural benefits


QUALIFICATION CRITERIA - each project application must contain the following:


  • Download and complete a Trail Grant Application form. 
  • Send completed application toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Canada Post: 8440 Heitman Rd, Chase, BC, V0E 1M1, between February 15 and April 15, 2017.  Successful applicants will be notified by May 1, 2017. 
  • A budget including proof that your club has already secured 20% of the total cash expenditures in dollars. (See template included with application)
  • Detailed plans including:
-        a written description of the project plans, and
-        gps mapping where appropriate to describe the project
  • Written permission from the jurisdiction in which the project is located (ie. Prov. Park, Regional District or Rec Sites and Trails, (Min. of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations)
  • If a project involves crossing Private Land (owned by an individual or a Business) then proof of a long term agreement must be produced
  • Evidence of community support for the project. (3 letters or emails of support from local Non-government organizations (NGO’s), other User Group Organizations 
  • Any and all signage and media releases and announcements regarding the project must included the BCHBC logo and acknowledge the financial support of BCHBC

During the Project: 

  • Have you submitted an interim report and budget with pictures to BCHBC at some point during the construction of your project?


After the Project: 

  • Have you sent in the following within two (2) months of the project’s completion date:
    -        a report with details on project progress, challenges, and successes.
    -        a final budget with any receipts.
    -        unused funds returned.
    -        photos of the finished project.
    -        a completed Online Trail Guide form and accurate maps of the project area trail system.


  • Grant funds cannot be used for purposes that have not been approved by the BCHBC Trails Grant Selection Committee.  The Committee needs to be notified of any changes to the original proposal.
  • Funds must be used by Dec 31 of the year in which the application was approved.

  • Any unused funds need to be returned to BCHBC on completion of the project 


The applicant Chapter must provide a final report and budget to BCHBC within 2 months of the project completion date.  The report should contain the following information:

-        details on project progress, challenges, and successes.
-        a financial report with any receipts.
-       photos of the project in various stages of completion.


The budget includes essential information for the evaluation of your proposal.  Please complete it accurately and carefully. 

CONTRIBUTION SOURCES (Where the Funds Will Come From)

These include funds provided to the project by your club or other organizations, firms or individuals.  Identify each source in the budget.  Include also sources of other grant funding. 

  • Contributions made in the form of cash or cheques from all sources.
  • BCHBC grant request: indicate the amount requested.

In-kind Support

This is non-cash support provided by project participants or sponsors using fair and reasonable valuations. Include a brief notation of the type of in-kind support and its source. For example, lumber and nails provided by a local donor, or volunteer labour by club members. (Note: BCHBC will set a standard hourly rate annually for volunteer labour contributions.)

Total Project Support
  • The sum of total cash costs and in-kind support.
  • Expenditure Areas (Where Funds Will Be Spent)
  • List the specific types of project costs such as services, fees, materials etc. being purchased and provided to carry out the project. Attach quotations from service/material suppliers when available.

EXPENDITURE AREAS (Where Funds Will Be Spent)

List the specific types of project costs such as services, fees, materials etc. being purchased and provided to carry out the project.  Attach quotations form service/material suppliers when available.               
Actual costs to pay for the project services, materials etc. identified in the Expenditure Areas that are supportable by invoices or documentation, if requested during an audit).

In- Kind
This is non cash costs provided by project participants or supporters. Provide brief detail in the expenditures area. For example: Equipment and fuel provided by a club member.

The sum of cash costs and in-kind support. The total $ received should equal the total $ spent.  



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