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Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia

Saturday, 02 January 2016 09:49

Welcoming in a New Year

With the welcoming of a new year comes some announcements and events to mark on your calenders! Also a reminder to renew your Back Country Horsemen membership. Click here for more information.
Thursday, 03 December 2015 19:06

BCHBC Insurance Coverage

The following is a letter from Executive to BCHBC Members regarding insurance. Message to All BCHBC Members: Your Chapter Chairs will have received Sharon Pickthorne’s email from Horse Council BC (HCBC) updating HCBC members on what they and Capri Insurance are doing to help Katie. She is the young woman whose claim was denied by the insurance provider of the personal liability insurance that Horse Council provides to all its members. In brief, the Capri Insurance Brokers are assisting Katie in her appeal to the insurance company. The social media posts and news stories about this sad situation brought in several questions and comments from some members of Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC) to the executive regarding the insurance that BCHBC has with Capri. The executive would like to provide some clarification and explanation of BCHBC's insurance for a better understanding. As I mentioned in a previous email to…
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 19:19

Sharing and Caring BCH Style

As the Christmas season begins many of our own Back Country Horsemen members are finding ways to "pay it forward" and give back to their communities. North Cariboo Chapter Yarrow Chapter Members of the Yarrow Chapter gathered around the toys and gifts to be donated. With a total of 14 riders and 5 "camp watchers" coming together to support their community.
Sunday, 01 November 2015 18:38

Trail Riding Safety- delight or disaster

A trail ride with your family and/or friends can be one of the greatest experiences, or one of the sorriest of your life. Which it turns out to be could depend on the planning and preparation you do ahead of time. You have choices and you should be aware of the choices you have and how to make them. This is called Risk Management. Risk management involves identifying the risk factors, putting into place Best Management Practices (BMP's) and monitoring their effect. BMP's are reasonable and use common sense. They are general enough to apply to day rides as well as 10 day packing trips.So, for instance, lets look at trail riding. First we need to identify what is at risk: ourselves our family and friends our stock (horses or mules or dogs) our equipment the environment our right to ride and access to trails our reputation as being safe…
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