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Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 17:38

VI Chapters Get on Track With GPS Course

On March 1 and 2, several members of the two Vancouver Island chapters of Back Country Horsemen of BC attended a fantastic course on how to use GPS equipment. The class was lead by Joe Kinch of the Arrowsmith Search and Rescue classroom. Joe explained that  "because your horse can step on your GPS" we started off the morning learning about maps and compasses.  Joe walked us through grid coordinates, contour lines, Eastings and Northings and how to tell North from the sun and North star.  We learned how to set declination on the compass and went outside to shoot bearings. He recommends to always carry a good map and compass in addition to the GPS.Our afternoon was more electronic.  With the GPS devices we learned how to take a waypoint and make a route or a track.  A big take home message was to always take the "track" back…
Monday, 03 February 2014 13:49

Ode to Winter Chores

Farm life on a bitter cold winter day By Birgit Stutz You know it’s cold out when… you are wearing so many layers that you can barely move and you are afraid of falling down because you might not be able to get back up on your own. your scarf is frozen to your nose and cheeks. your gloves are stuck to the outside of the water bucket or the metal gate. your eyes are almost froze shut because your eyelashes are frozen. your eyelashes are frozen to your toque. your snot rag freezes rock solid within minutes – if your snot hasn’t frozen in your nose first. your nostrils are frozen shut. your cheeks are so cold it feels like they will crack if you smile. your feet feel like a block of ice. you don’t even attempt to start anything with an engine – unless you have a…
Sunday, 15 December 2013 23:06

THANK YOU to our RV Sponsors!

RV 2015 Sponsors With the aim of sharing their vision and passion for the wilderness with you Chilcotin Holidays is generously providing a 3 day guided services trip into the South Chilcotin Mountain Park which will explore some of the most spectacular Mountain Trails. With over 25 years experience and offering over 100 wilderness-related programs and guest experiences, Chilcotin Holidays is dedicated to providing personalized Authentic Wilderness and Nature Experiences which allow you to fully engage with the natural world around you. _________________ A Canadian Western Wear, Tack, Saddles, Feed, Ranch Supply, English Tack, Art, Giftware and Online Western Lifestyle Shopping Store! Located in Kamloops, BC. Proudly sponsoring the Hoof & Woof Event and Auction. _________________ GK Sound of Kamloops BC, are once again our providers of stage lighting and sound for the Grass Roots Rendezvous 2015. _________________ Visual Signs and Printing of Kamloops have kindly donated a beautifully engraved…
Thursday, 12 December 2013 11:52

NVI Chapter Makes Front Page News!

News about one of the North Vancouver Island Chapter's trail projects was positioned on the cover of the local newspaper on December 6th. The Comox Valley Echo featured a full colour photograph and a story about how the BCHBC members had worked in collaboration with the Comox Valley Regional District and local land owners to build a new bridge and to extend the historic One Spot Trail -- a multi-use recreational trail in the Dove Creek area of Courtenay, BC. To read the full story on line, click here.
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