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Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia

Guidelines for Facebook



Guidelines for BCHBC Facebook Group discussions/posting:


One of the best ways to keep in touch in 'real time' with what is happening with Back Country Horsemen members across the province is to join our Provincial Facebook Group Click the link above or find us by pasting this link into your browser: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bchorsemanbc/


Please be aware of the following posting protocol, based on member feedback and with the intention  of promoting BCHBC events, activities and objectives:


  • Posts about BCHBC chapter achievements and/or upcoming events are encouraged. No posts of events unrelated to BCHBC activities.
  • Educational/entertaining/inspirational posts about trail riding, horse health/care/feeding/training, relevant stories, etc. are welcome.
  • No posts relating to animal cruelty or neglect, unless a BCHBC Chapter is directly involved in a solution/fundraiser, etc.
  • Private (individuals not businesses) posts for sale or trade items must relate to horses, ponies, mules, tack, horse trailers and trucks only. No dogs, cats, cattle, llamas, etc.
  • When responding to for sale/trade/lease items, please send a private message to the seller, rather than have extended discussions about price, etc. on the FB page.
  • NO POSTS OF A COMMERCIAL NATURE: For profit clinics, training, farrier services, or other businesses not permitted. This includes istings by real estate agents, handicrafts, art for sale, horse products that may be your hobby but you sell for profit in any quantity, etc. You may reccommend a product that you love, but the business owner can't advertise it here.
  • Our members have expressed concern that they don't want to see this turned into a 'Buy and Sell' classified page, so we ask that you all respect that.
  • If your question/comment is of an educational or complimentary nature, post away! If you want to criticize or be negative, posts will be deleted.


Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Be part of the BCHBC family! Check out one of the many chapter meetings across the province, where we connect face-to-face. While Facebook can be fun ... nothing beats genuine 'face time!' Many of the Chapters also have private Facebook Groups where you can learn about local rides and other more regional information.

Click here for a list of Chapters and contacts.
Click here to view a map of the province to locate a Chapter near you.


Questions about Facebook? Please private message the volunteer Facebook Group Administrator Tara Rice.

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